Scala Script Export Plugin

Scala Script Export Plugin 4.1

An useful plugin for designing Scala pages in Photoshop

Scala Script Exporter allows you to design full Scala pages in Photoshop and to use its full graphics potential and it boils down tedious and time consuming transferring process down to "One-Click" task!

But true beauty of this toll is that it allows you to design your own pages in Photoshop, and all that you have to do is to put a breath of animation. And you can do that instantly, meaning few seconds after customer has entered in your studio! No other toll on the market can do that! Period.

Scala Script Exporter will handle all the handwork:
* It will export each layer of the Photoshop file into Scala compatible clip (image), while preserving correctly size, position, transparency and effects for each clip.
* It will automatically generate Scala script for you; you will be able to open your design in Scala immediately.
* It can even understand and export interactive Scala buttons...
All you have to do in Scala is to add transitions and scheduling.

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